The ECCO codes types of errors. For example, if you wrote “Raul esta hablando”, the number “2” would appear above the word ‘esta”, indicating that an accent mark is either missing, misplaced or unnecessary. Handwrite your correction in the double space below the error.

1. ‘a’ personal/prepositional
2. accent mark
3. article (definite/indefinite)
4. capitalization
5. comparison
6. compound tense
7. command
a. formal
b. informal
8. conjunction
9. contraction
10. date
11. drop ‘o’ before singular, masculine noun
12. ‘hace tiempo que’ construction
13. idiomatic expression
a. age
b. tener expression
c. time
d. weather
e. other
14. incorrect form of word
(i.e., adjective instead of noun)
15. indefinite/negative word
16. interrogative word
17. muy/mucho/más
18. not a Spanish word
19. participle
a. past
b. present
20. por/para
21. possession
22. possessive adjective
23. present progressive
24. preterite/imperfect

25. pronoun
a. direct object
b. double object
c. indirect object
d. reciprocal
e. reflexive
f. relative
g. subject
26. punctuation
27. saber/conocer
28. sentence fragment
29. ser/estar
30. spelling
31. superlative
32. this makes no sense
33. unexpected event with ‘se’
34. unnecessary word
35. verb
a. conjugate/put in infinitive
b. wrong tense (past, present,future
c. subject /verb agreement
d. this conjugation does not exist
36. vocabulary error
37. word needed
38. word order
39. agreement
40. gender
41. indicative/subjunctive
42. tense error



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